UPDATE - Thanks to the many generous contributions to NHMLA's Invertebrate Paleontology collection, we have met and exceeded our original $4,000 goal to conserve the historic Statz collection of fossil insects. With just over one month left in our campaign, we have decided to set our sights on an increased goal of raising $8,000. The additional funds raised will allow us to purchase a second cabinet, 23 shelves and 500 additional boxes, meaning we can permanently house the entire fossil collection. Thank you all so much for your support!

The Georg Statz fossil collection has been through a lot. After years of excavation, the 5,000 specimens in this collection were forced into hiding to escape the destruction of World War II in Germany. Luckily the collections survived, leaving us with a fascinating look at Europe 25-million-years ago.

With the help of a National Science Foundation grant, NHMLA's Invertebrate Paleontology team is working diligently to digitize the Statz collection so people from all over the world can study these long-dead insects. A large part of this undertaking is proper cataloging and storage. Enter you, the generous donor.

We need your help to house these priceless specimens, so buy us a box, contribute a shelf or help us purchase a shiny new cabinet in memory of Gerog Statz!