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Community Science at NHMLA involves members of the public sharing their digital photos of wildlife (animals, plants, fungus, et al.) with our program. These photos become data points in scientific projects at the Museum that tell us where, when, and what people see throughout Southern California.

The Community Science Program focuses on the participants (adults, youth, families) who contribute data points to our projects as they move through the urban, suburban, and rural sections of  L.A. and Southern California. Our program designs and organizes meetups and trainings to help participants feel comfortable looking for local wildlife, and to feel confident in their ability to contribute data to our research projects.

We are already doing this work, but with increased funding we can collaborate more with our local partners, offer different types of community science trainings, and further our research into how youth learn through community science participation.

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$5,000 GOAL

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Campaign ends 07/31/2020 at 11:59 AM (EDT)