Every year the Invertebrate Paleontology collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County mentors local community college and undergraduate students from around the Los Angeles area. These student interns assist us to curate priceless museum collections, while developing an appreciation for natural history objects, knowledge of ancient California, and experience in outreach. An important component of their internship is developing a research project that results in improvements to our collections and a peer-reviewed publication for the students.

We need your help to fund Javaria and Trevor's research!

Javaria Aziz (El Camino College, transferring to San Diego State University in 2018) and Trevor Dalton (recently graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills) have been studying Pliocene-Pleistocene age fossils near Santa Barbara over the past year. Both their studies earned them credit as independent research projects, and Javaria has been able to give a number of public talks and even a presentation on it at the Geological Society of America conference in 2017.

But before we can publish these results we need to add some critical geological data, achieved through Strontium Isotope and Uranium Series Dating. Sounds dangerous? Nope. Is it expensive? It is a bit. So please support Javaria and Trevor's research with a $25 or $100 donation today.

Knowing precisely how old their field sites are will help them reconstruct what ancient Santa Barbara looked like and determine when and what caused some of California’s most recent extinctions. Invest in these emerging young scientists and buy a share in their discoveries!